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Born in 1981, Philippe Reinhardt gained his first stage experience at the age of 8 years through various roles in children's theatre, where he already showed a natural talent for acting. Shortly afterwards he also started to produce short films and thus discovered his love for film and acting. After his military service, Philippe Reinhardt decided to realize his dream of becoming an actor. He studied acting in Hamburg. To this day, Philippe Reinhardt works closely with various well-known mentors for acting, including Lioudmila Meier Babkina, Christopher Fettes, Giles Forman, Lena Lessing and Frank Bezelt. Philippe Reinhardt soon attracted attention and first roles followed, such as in Granz Henman's comedy KEIN BUND FÜRS LEBEN, Til Schweiger's cinema success 1½ RITTER or Rainer Matsutani's film FAKTOR 8.

Philippe Reinhardt was also able to prove his talent for languages in international productions. Under the coaching of director Lioudmila Meier Babkina he learned Russian and in 2012 he was given a role in Fedor Bondarchuk's Blockbuster STALINGRAD, which was sent into the race for the Oscar for best foreign language film in Russia. This was followed by the football drama MATCH about the historic Dead Pool of 1942, directed by Andrey Malyukovs. Appearances in numerous other Russian productions followed, including the leading role in Sergey Mokritsky's I AM TEACHER, which was also shown in the USA.

Since his leading role in Alexander Nezlobin's comedy ZHENIKH ("The Groom"), which became Russia's most successful comedy of 2016 with almost 3 million moviegoers, the Swiss Philippe Reinhardt has been one of the most famous faces in Russia. The comedy reached more than 20 million viewers on the television broadcast. The film and its character "Helmut" have meanwhile achieved similar status there as FACK JU GOEHTE in Germany. "Helmut" became a kind of best friend of the Russians, the ideal German Buddy. The sequel ZHENIKH 2, in which Philippe Reinhardt will once again stand in front of the camera as "Helmut", is already a done deal. In 2017 Philippe Reinhardt appeared in the war drama SOBIBOR, by Konstantin Khabenskiy, which was based on true events. The film deals with the 1943 uprising in the extermination camp of the same name in eastern Poland and was screened for Russia at
the 2019 Oscars. In 2019 Philippe Reinhardt was seen in the relationship comedy "Love Made Easy" in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland at the cinema, which had already started in Russia with over 700 copies.

THE 2020s

Starting in the fall of 2021, Philippe Reinhardt will be seen in several productions, someof them international: In the Russian series TOBOL (director: Igor Zaytsev), in the German action series TRUE NORTH (director: Stephen Dürr), in the series CONTAMIN (director: Harald Franklin) or in the lavish UFA production DIE DIEPLOMATIN - MORD IN SANKT PETERSBURG (director: Roland Suso Richter). In the sixth film in the successful ARD series, Philippe Reinhard stars alongside Nathalie Wörner and becomes embroiled in the events surrounding a missing German-Russian journalist in the role of a Russian spy. The film has already been shot and will be broadcast in fall 2021. Philippe Reinhardt's first U.S. feature film, THE MATCH (directed by Jakov Sedlar, Dominik Sedlar), will take the actor back to a familiar story in 2021: THE MATCH tells the same story as the Russian soccer drama MATCH (directed by Andrey Malyukov) of almost the same name from 2012. For Philippe Reinhardt, it is therefore a journey back to the start of his cinema career. In THE MATCH, he will be seen alongside Armand Assante, Casper Philippson, and Franco Nero in cinemas internationally from fall 2021. In May 2022, Philippe Reinhardt will star in the 4th part of the mega-blockbuster series DIVERSANT which is expected to reach 50 million viewers. In addition to his work in front of the camera, Philippe Reinhardt has also appeared in various theater roles in Germany and Switzerland since 2005. Philippe Reinhardt lives in Berlin and Zurich.


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Trough The Scope
Grandfather Morozov
True North
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Love Made Easy
The Groom
I am Teacher
Vyzhit Posle
T. Alpatov
S. Korotaev
H. Franklin
Y. Popovich
S. Dürr
J. & D. Sedlar
R. Paushu
A. Nezlobin
S. Mokritsky
D. Gligorov
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